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Austin, TX

Have Bike, Will Travel: Austin

One of the reasons why I decided to spend my end-of-year holidays in Austin, Texas was because I heard that it was a bike-friendly city. There are a lot of things that make Austin an atypical place in this state and part of the country. That appealed to me. First Impressions On the way from […]

Road Users Coexist Sticker (Source: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition)

Cyclists vs. Drivers – A Tired Rhetoric

One of the reasons I started this blog was to turn down the volume on the Us. vs. Them rhetoric that dominates the conversation between cyclists and drivers and to a lesser degree, cyclists and pedestrians. The mood can be downright nasty out there and I have also been guilty, at times, of acting out […]

Volunteers distribute breakfast

Ride to Work Day 2013: Toronto

The morning was beautiful. The sun was shining sweetly and offsetting the coolness in the air. I reached Wychwood Barns, the meeting point in my area, to convene with other cyclists and ride together down to City Hall. Ride to Work Day is a feature of Bike Month in Toronto and cyclists gather at various […]

Golden Gate Bridge

Have Bike, Will Travel: San Francisco

I travelled to San Francisco, the city on the Bay, for the first time in early May of 2013. Now, San Fran may not immediately come to mind as a great city in which to bike – given the steep grade of many streets and the rolling topography from end to end that make this […]

Bike Valet Ticket

Please take my bike

It was my first experience with valet parking ever. And in this case, I was parking my bike. Cycle Toronto and Autoshare teamed up on Saturday, June 8th to provide this amazing service to concert goers who arrived on two tires. The unique and awesome Arts & Crafts Field Trip Festival had a lot of cool features, including a limited […]

Cyclists ride at city hall

See Critical Massers in Action

In follow up to my previous post on attending Critical Mass, I’m now including a video I found through Twitter. It shows cyclists enjoying the May Critical Mass ride around City Hall. Video source: mrtini, YouTube, May 31, 2013.

Critical Mass ride on Bloor St.

My first Critical Mass ride was thunderous

It was to be my first ride with Critical Mass but the weather forecast was not promising. A big thunderstorm was set to descend upon the city and as the departure time of 6:30 p.m. approached, it started to look increasingly menacing. I’d wanted to attend a Critical Mass ride before but hadn’t managed to […]

Why I ride: Reasons 1-3

There are so many good reasons to cycle. Over a series of posts, I will explore why I have decided to make cycling my preferred choice of transportation. Number 1: No Emissions Cycling is the most environmentally-friendly means of wheeled transportation that I can think of (with perhaps the exception of a wagon – but […]