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Bike shop's sign

Bike Shop Snapshot: Ride Away Bikes

Ride Away Bikes is taking off With a giant window wall, it’s surprising that Ride Away Bikes isn’t sweltering under the hot July sun. The lights are off, which I like since it’s bright enough without them and it saves energy. A few customers are picking up bikes and I have a look around. One […]

I saw a cyclist get hit by a car today

Originally posted on Life in the Bike Lane:
Let me start by saying the cyclist is alive. Eventually I watched him stand up and slowly walk to the police cruiser. But he was hurt badly. And he was making a painful noise I’ll never forget. It happened at King & Niagara. The driver, who was…

Golden Gate Bridge

Riding with Confidence – Video

I came across this short but helpful video about overcoming your fears to riding a bike in the city. It is part of a series called “Urban Biking” and is produced by Mind The Gap. Video source: Laura Lukitsch, YouTube, January 26, 2011. I think the following suggestions were good: Take your first few rides […]

Lock up facility

Just because you build it …

… doesn’t mean they’ll come. I spent a couple of days at a large office complex in Mississauga this week and saw a memo to building tenants: Bike Lock up Facility [Building owners] are pleased to announce that a designated bicycle parking area has been created to service the tenants who wish to bike to […]

S&C Cycles sign

Bike Shop Snapshot: S & C Cycles

S&C Cycles stands out on the Dundas West strip Despite the fact that this pop-up-style shop is located outside Scadding Court Community Centre (SCCC), the “S” and “C” refer to the first letter in the first names of the proprietors. I thought the fellow had said his name was Sean (or Shawn?) but after reading […]

Large round sign outside shop

Bike Shop Snapshot: Bikes On Wheels

Bikes on Wheels (BOW) occupies some enviable real estate in one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Situated at the north end of Augusta Avenue, BOW is a notable feature in Kensington Market’s roster of shops. The storefront is eye-catching with its big and colourful signage, sizeable store frontage and the choir of bikes outside. Bikes, […]

Happy cyclist

I’d like to introduce you to my bike…

Do you have a name for your bike? Some endearing or tough moniker to refer to this device that you love to use? I think it’s fairly common for people to name their cars. My dad used to pat the dashboard when climbing particularly long hills, encouraging the car to keep going. The machinery was […]

Road Users Coexist Sticker (Source: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition)

“I would never ride a bike in Toronto!”

I hear this. A lot. On the one hand, it makes me feel kinda gutsy that cycling is my main mode of transportation. On the other hand, I lament that so many people feel too scared to ride in this city. And if I had a third hand, I’d wonder if I lack (or choose […]

Why I Ride: Reasons 7 – 8

This is another entry in a series of posts about why I enjoy cycling. Check out Reasons 1-3 and Reasons 4-6. Number 7: I was right! Linda, who writes the Life in the Bike Lane blog recently posted an awesome infographic about the health benefits of biking to work that put the fact to my feelings! It […]

3 Films Starring Bikes

What does an alien, a Hollywood “It-Guy” and lovers in the idyllic French countryside have in common? Well, in addition to any host of things you could imagine, they all rode bikes in movies. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) It’s difficult to think about E.T. without picturing the loveable creature and his human pal on a […]