Why I Ride: Reasons 7 – 8

This is another entry in a series of posts about why I enjoy cycling. Check out Reasons 1-3 and Reasons 4-6.

Number 7: I was right!

Linda, who writes the Life in the Bike Lane blog recently posted an awesome infographic about the health benefits of biking to work that put the fact to my feelings!

It speaks to some of the reasons I’ve written about in previous posts:

  • Number 3: It’s Healthy -> According to the infographic, I’m burning calories, keeping my weight down and cutting my risk of heart disease in half!
  • Number 4: It’s Cheap -> Infographic says, the cost of driving is 25 times more expensive than cycling.
  • Number 6: It’s Fun -> Commuters who cycle reported higher levels of well-being, freedom, relaxation and excitement than those who drive.

Check out her post here:

Life in the Bike Lane post

Life in the Bike Lane post on the health benefits of biking to work

Number 8: I can

I am able-bodied and love to be outside and active. I can’t imagine not riding. I see myself riding for years. I like showing up to meetings or parties with a helmet! It’s a clear marker that I’m part of a community that cares about being healthy, or the environment, or both; AND we have great legs.

Bike tour in Berlin

Bike tour in Berlin

It’s a conversation starter (too often with, “You rode here? I would never bike in Toronto!”)

I thought it was interesting that the infographic also reported higher levels of self-confidence among cyclists. I know this feeling! I don’t know if I would’ve recognized it as self-confidence, but this does resonate with me because I’ve arrived feeling proud of my abilities to ride somewhere and if it’s to play sports, heck, I’m already warmed up and ready to go!


  1. Thanks so much Aimee for sharing my blog! There are so many reasons to love biking! We certainly do have great legs ;)

    1. You know it, girl!
      I enjoy reading your blog – keep up the great work!

  2. Life in the bike lane blog and In Wheel Life blog is seriously making me consider buying a bike! The last bike I ever had was in elementary school. I love how you’ve split your reasons in different entries, it makes it more of an interesting read!

    1. Thanks very much! Next stop: tv series ;)

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