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Golden Gate Bridge

Riding with Confidence – Video

I came across this short but helpful video about overcoming your fears to riding a bike in the city. It is part of a series called “Urban Biking” and is produced by Mind The Gap. Video source: Laura Lukitsch, YouTube, January 26, 2011. I think the following suggestions were good: Take your first few rides […]

Road Users Coexist Sticker (Source: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition)

“I would never ride a bike in Toronto!”

I hear this. A lot. On the one hand, it makes me feel kinda gutsy that cycling is my main mode of transportation. On the other hand, I lament that so many people feel too scared to ride in this city. And if I had a third hand, I’d wonder if I lack (or choose […]

Why I Ride: Reasons 4-6

This is another entry in a series of posts about why I enjoy cycling. Check out Reasons 1-3. Number 4: It’s Cheap Other than the initial cost of purchasing the bike, the ongoing maintenance costs are quite minimal. I take my bike in for a spring tune-up at a local bike shop (Bikes @ St. […]

Golden Gate Bridge

Have Bike, Will Travel: San Francisco

I travelled to San Francisco, the city on the Bay, for the first time in early May of 2013. Now, San Fran may not immediately come to mind as a great city in which to bike – given the steep grade of many streets and the rolling topography from end to end that make this […]